Fellow Stagg EKG900 Electric Kettle 900ml
$1,690 HKD

Fellow Stagg EKG900 Electric Kettle 900ml

Merchandise will ship out with each week's coffee orders, usually on Thursdays.


What’s amazing about Stagg EKG Electric Kettle:
  • To The Degree Temperature Control
  • 60 Minute Hold Mode
  • Brew Stopwatch
  • Quick Heat Time
  • PID Controller - maintains the perfect temperatures

【Product Specs】
Warranty Period:one-year warranty, only in Hong Kong area
Power: 220V | 9A | 50/60Hz | 1200W
Weight: 1180g (includes kettle base)
Dimensions: 292 x 171 x 203 (mm)
Volume: 0.9L to the max fill line
Temperature Range: 40 - 100°C
Colors: Matte Black/Matte White
Cord Length: 75cm
Material::304 stainless steel kettle body and lid, plastic base.
Designed in San Francisco, made in China